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Our platform you will be able to consult a lawyer through a secure video portal.

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Obtain Registrar of Companies related secretarial services through our platform.

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Obtain your trademark related documentation and consultation through a secure documentation portal

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Review or Draft your required contract through a lawyer online.

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We can connect you with the legal help you need

eLawyers platform enable lawyers and clients to connect, communicate and manage work.
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Connect with a lawyer

Registered user will be able to request any professional service form a lawyer

Lawyer- client communication.

Once the lawyer accepts your request of service,

the professional fee will be notified.

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Legal Made Simple

Assigned work will progress smoothly with the support of tech tools

How we can help you

elawyers for you:


    Lawyers take work in their way

  • Optimize your work-life balance
  • Maximize your time
  • Enhance your client base


    Connect with an expert lawyer online

  • Get e-consultation
  • Best way to connect with a lawyer
  • Your data is secured
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Online Payment.

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Online Communication.

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Legal Management.

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Customer Testimonails

Aloka Gunasekara

eLawyers had been nothing but exemplary. Their timely & actionable legal advice, sincerity, 100% availability and their use of modern technology through the eLawyers platform allowing us to streamline our processes are some important aspects to the success that ventures that I got involved have.

Program Manager -StartupX Foundry
Customer Testimonails

Enosh Praveen

eLawyers has always been the service that delivers beyond expectations. The team really understands the pulse of their customers and always provides solutions like the right lid to the right bottle

Director README
Customer Testimonails

Mohammed Fawaz

An extremely professional service where we could always count on them for timely practical legal business advice for CurveUp and its operations. E-lawyers is the smartest legal service and solution, and we would recommend it to everyone

Director - CurveUp
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Legal Concerns
  • We have complied with supreme court rules, as we do not advertise individual lawyers nor solicit a lawyer to a client as it is the client that makes a decision to use the service.
  • We have complied with Intermeddlers with Suitors Ordinance and we do not solicit or receive from any legal practitioner any gratification in consideration of procuring or having procured employment as we do not collect a fee from any lawyer.
Client Portal
An individual has to register into the portal,in order to access the service of a lawyer . The client can select the required services and then select a lawyer in that particular given field depending on the service required. This gives an opportunity for clients to have access to a wider network of service providers and like in the physical world he will independently choose the practitioner. The online platform would not advertise lawyers/service providers over others.
Lawyer Portal
Each lawyer will be provided with a dedicated login to access their profile. If a client requests for a service, the lawyer will be notified via email and SMS. The lawyer will assess the requirement work from the Portal and decide the professional fee for such service. The Professional fee will be notified to the client and if client accepts the fee, the client will be able to pay to the respective lawyer directly to his account.

Connect with a lawyer

Request any professional service form a lawyer

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